Emily Frappier Photography

I push buttons and move that weird piece of hair out of your face

Frequently Asked Questions


How long have you been in business?

I started this little company when I was seventeen during my senior year of high school. I started with senior portraits and couple photography for my peers and I’ve been going ever since! I shot my first wedding in March, 2015.

What is your primary photographic style?

I would have to say that I am a natural light and photojournalistic styled photographer. That means that I prefer to use natural lighting over artificial lighting to achieve the best results possible, and my goal is to tell a story with your photos. I believe natural lighting makes pictures look fresh and real and tells your real story the best!

What is your working style?

I try to be as laid back and easy going as I can. Making you smile is the goal of the photos, and I believe being relaxed and having a great time with your photos produces the best images. Often times, getting your photo taken can be awkward so I try not to let that show in my images! However, when something needs to get done, I’ve heard from all of my wedding clients that they loved that I was able to take charge and keep everyone organized! 

Do you edit your photos?

Yes I do. I don’t use a lot of heavy filters, unless they are my own lifestyle images, but I do color correct, brighten, fix blemishes etc. for the photos I deliver to my clients! I am very skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and they are my tools of choice! 

What equipment do you use?

My most loved camera is the Nikon D750, and my most loved lenses are my Nikon 35mm and 52mm. Other lenses, flashes, and lighting equipment depends on what kind of job I am going to be doing, but you can bet that that camera and at least one of those lenses will be making an appearance. For some of you not knowing what that means, I ensure all equipment I use is professional grade, so I use a professional camera and lens combination at all times and will have anything else I think I might need on hand! 

Did you go to college for photography?

No I did not. Although I love photography, I am going to school to pursue a degree in business. I have taken classes, and plan to take more, regarding photography but at the moment, I am weakest in business and I would like to learn more. Photography and being a photographer is something I feel I've learned most about growing up with my love of it, experience, trial and error, in books, and through being inspired by others. It's hard for a book to teach you all of those fundamental corner stones of the art!